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Partnering with global gender equality advocate, Anne Ravanona, we worked

together on positioning her Paris-based startup, Global Invest Her.

Global Invest Her is the first online platform dedicated to Funding for Women Entrepreneurs.


The startup works to create connections between women founders and investors in order raise capital, demystify the process—and change the rigged game that is women's funding.

Serving women founders all over the world, Global Invest Her offers a variety of services and products to help get funding ready. But they were in need of core messaging and focused positioning to bring it all together.

For Global Invest Her, the trap would've been settling for something creative, something that evoked arbitrary attention. What the startup needed was a slogan that served as a filter for disciplined brand communications.

Consulting sessions centered around crafting the brand around one word. This would cut confusion and improve memory recall around the mission.

Community is the heart of everything at Global Invest Her. And after competitor analysis, it was clear that a 'community' positioning would find white space in

the female funding market.

Community is Capital, Slogan
Community changes everything, tagline
Screenshot 2023-12-21 at 11.55.35 AM.png
Global Invest Her, Logo_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-04-25 at



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