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The future of consulting?
Just call me, +Charley.

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A different
consultant who
thinks your way

They call me, The Anti-Consultant.™

Innovators work with me because I have a different
point of view than the old world of consulting.

I refuse to believe that true expertise sounds
like corporate buzzwords. And I refuse to accept
that bureaucracy, groupthink, or the one-size-fits-
all model of consulting will build better companies.

I do believe that true expertise is born in the
trenches. And I believe it lives and dies by original

And despite what we've been told, I 
that truly great ideas find strength in human 

experience instead of AI.
Above all, I believe that perspectives exist
solely to power people, purpose and progress,
not the powers 
that be.

But, hey, I'm just getting started.

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No buzzwords.
No bureaucrac
No groupthink
No one-size-fits-al

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