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Everybody loves an


+Charley is a one-man
consultancy building
 the world's
challenger brands.

I started +Charley because I believe
in the power of the outcast

Unlike David versus GoliathThe outcast
is fighting more than size. It's in a battle
to fit in and find acceptance in society

The outcast embodies not just a new way
of doing
. But, an unorthodox way of thinking.

And the ones that stand the test of time do more than just show us the way. They inspire
us to find it within ourselves

This is the power of the challenger brand.

My approach

Like a journalist who goes

to the source in pursuit of truth. My one-man setup

is designed for unusually

close collaboration. I get 

to know foundersI learn
from themI challenge their
thinking and ask them to challenge mine. My goal 

is to get challenger brands 
cutting into competition. To
find strength in weakness, opportunity in "never-been-done-before." I do that by

embracing the outcast 

archetypeThe perfect mix

between tactical strategy

and universal appeal.

My capabilities

Brand strategy

Brand messaging

Brand campaigns 

Charley portrait-01_edited.png

about me.

My name is Charley Arrigo.

By day, I do brand messaging for

one of the world's all-time challenger
brands: Capital One.


By night at +Charley—I continue to

challenge challenge challenge

Work samples available upon request.

Challenger beginnings

WMC_horizontal_Grey_RGB (1).png

"Charley is a creative and highly-skilled marketer who has an incredible ability to develop concise content that informs, inspires and empowers."

James Sancto, Founder, We Make Change, London 🇬🇧

"As a startup founder, it's difficult turning the complex into something meaningful people can relate to. Charley is a master at putting heart into words."

Anne Ravanona, Founder, Global Invest Her, Paris 🇫🇷


"Charley helps organisations find their voice and stand out from the crowd. His content resonates emotionally, and inspires people into action." 

Adam Thornhill, Founder, PodUp; CMO, MedicSpot, London 🇬🇧

Everybody loves an outcast.

You know what to do.

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