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A tagline for a Fortune 45
PR campaign.

Tagline, Concepting, PR Campaign


One mission.
80 million times.

People don't always understand the impact of Freddie Mac.


Working as a consultant with their in-house agency team, I

was tasked with crafting a tagline to help us solve this problem.


The message?

"One mission. 80 million times."


It represented Freddie Mac's impact—and every single time they've

made home possible for someone throughout the years. Not only that,

but the tagline leverages our human instinct to use numbers as a way

of understanding, to fill in those blank spaces in our minds.

Something simple, yet powerful.


Some candid moments during my time at Freddie.

I got to write the copy for a social post I was in...
(dual roles was a first for me.)

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