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Memorability Framework

A Charley + Company Strategy

Memorability Framework

Thirty days into his assignment with a Fortune 150 company, our founder had his moment.


Sitting in his orientation, exclusive to new creatives, the Vice President of Brand Creative asked the room one question: "What's stopping us from being remembered as one of the Apples of the world?"​


But that question was the start of something. What began as rhetorical curiosity turned into an act of discovery, a series of research, to find out why one company can earn the right to stay top of mind, while others fade away.​​

And like that, the Memorability Framework was born.

How it works

​The Memorability Framework℠ was developed to take the guessing game out of brand communications.​

We've designed our distinctive method to give companies a tailored path to memorable messaging across every touchpoint.

From psychological principles to literary strategies, the Memorability Framework gets to the heart of human memory recall.

It's an approach that delivers transformative results.

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