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Rewriting nonprofit staffing into an 
#ILoveMyJob🧡 mission

the challenge

Struggling to engage their nonprofit audience, I helped
Careers In Nonprofits take ownership of their 

#ILoveMyJob🧡 brand

With strategic positioning on social; on a $0 budget,
we grew our 
LinkedIn grew from 12,000 passive followers
to an engaged com
munity of 54,000.

(Landing page hero cover 👇)


Fill up your cup, and fall in love.

Discover empowering resources in the
#ILoveMyJob🧡 community 

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the solution

"I want that mug!"

Since their founding, buzz had been brewing around a signature Careers In Nonprofits promotional item.

The question was: “how could buzz around a mug, be used to build its brand equity?”

#ILoveMyJob SM post

My first goal was to write emotionally-driven brand copy promoting the brand hashtag: #ILoveMyJob🧡


Engagement grew—inspiring me to humanize this strategy into stories.

#ILoveMyJob🧡 stories.

I wrote 6 stories in total garnering 43,570 LinkedIn impressions. ​
On $0 ad spend.

 Instagram rebrand

CNP Instagram, Rebrand

Social engagement.

Dream Builder

blog branding.


As content creator: I branded the articles as “Dream Builder”, wrote
SEO friendly headlines and questions, and assisted recruiters with
verbal clarity in their writing.


Social media

content writing.

Striving to make our content marketing meaningful enabled our target audience to open their heart to our service.


Branding the content was essential.


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